I recently heard Andrew Heard give a talk, with pretty much the same content as this article. He was introduced to us as the pastor of the fastest growing church in the country. Having come out of a church with an excessive focus on numeric growth, I was skeptical. There are plenty of churches, even “evangelical” ones, that use underhanded or manipulative strategies to try…

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An Australian Bill of Rights

Posted by May 20, 2016

I have written previously that the USA enjoys some constitutionally protected freedoms which Australia does not.  I propose that we rectify that situation by adopting an Australian Bill of Rights.  My attempt at drafting such a set of rights is below.  It is provided here for comment, so that it may be refined and perhaps ultimately adopted for the good of the nation. We recognise…

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Of Prawns and Pride Parades

Posted by May 13, 2016

This is a question I get pretty often, in different forms.  Sometimes it’s an atheist who thinks they’ve found a grave inconsistency in Christianity.  They also seem to assume that it’s never occurred to Christians as they read the Bible, for the last two thousand years. But it does occur to Christians, and so I sometimes get it in a more thoughtful form.  They ask…

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How to Vote Like a Christian

Posted by April 24, 2016

Living in Australia, I have often been encouraged by Christian leaders not to talk about politics.  Maybe they had some good reasons.  If Christians talk about politics, we need to be careful to keep our priorities in order.  We can’t let political discussion distract us from more important tasks like sharing the gospel, encouraging the saints and loving our neighbours.  If we are leaders, we…

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